Building the R-Bloggers Bluesky Bot with atrrr and GitHub Actions

Bluesky is shaping up to be a nice, “billionaire-proof”1 replacement of what Twitter once was. One of the things the community was still missing, in my opinion, was the R-Bloggers bot that once spread the news about new R blog posts on ex-Twitter. Especially when first learning R, this was an important resource for me and I created my first package using a post from R-Bloggers. Since I have recently published the atrrr package with a few friends, I thought re-creating the bot that posted new entries was a good opportunity to promote that package and show how you can write a completely free bot with it.

Poor Dude’s Janky Bluesky Feed Reader CLI Via atrrr

Have you ever wanted to see your favourite social media posts in your command line? No? Me neither, but at least hrbrmstr has a few months ago. Or to be honest, I don’t know which social media site he prefers, but Bluesky is currently my favourite. With the ease of use and algorithmic curation that I loved about Twitter before its demise and the super interesting and easy to work with AT protocol, which should make Bluesky “billionaire-proof”1, I’m hopeful that this social network it here to stay.